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        Website of the Antique Airplane Association and the Airpower Museum Last Update: Jun 21 2019

        Recent Features

        A Century of Flight

        Click on image to read feature
        100 Years of Flight
        This year marked 100 years of powered flight, and APM Director Brent Taylor attended. He has written this feature for us.

        Classic Aviation Advertising

        The Aviation Advertising archives, where we dig up the ads, blow off the dust, and share them with you.

        In this Northrop "Gamma" the U.S. learned about 6-mile-high flying (from 1943)

        Some of our Favorite Airplanes

        Past National Fly-In winners, rare birds, and great airplanes
        The Kreutzer Air Coach (1999 National Champion Antique)
        The APMs Mooney "Mite"
        The Stinson SM-6000-B (2000 National Champion Antique)
        The Raggedy-Ann Diaries.

        Around Antique Airfield

        Features about Antique Airfield
        First Iowa Bush Pilot Training Course & Seminar
        Family Tradition, the solo of Ben Taylor
        The "Gone West" Memorial

        The APM Bookstore

        "Ailerona" by Paul Berge

        Album of Rare OX-5 Airplanes from Antique Airfield Press.